The SELFEE project

Being out of work can have strong psychological and social impacts. And the longer one fails to find a job, the stronger these impacts tend to get. People may lose their self-esteem, may get depressed, lose social contacts and/or give up trying. TEST.

The SELFEE project aims to reverse these negative processes by helping those who find themselves at a distance from the labour market to develop a combination of social emotional learning skills (SEL) , also called ‘soft skills’, creative tools and digital competences.

The SELFEE project is a European funded project that is run by La Xixa (Spain), the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain), Képes Alapìtvány (Hungary), Elan Interculturel (France) and DW-RS (the Netherlands).

The project involves the creation of various tools for professionals working with (long term) unemployed people and trainings in the use of these tools. These trainings offer opportunities to explore a variety of creative methods (dance, theater, storytelling and applied psychology) that will help the unemployed to develop their SEL skills and will also address digital competences and how to transfer these in order for the unemployed to (better) use them in their search for a job.

All training material will be made available for professionals on the SELFEE portal.


The partners in this project aim to offer professionals – whose profession is to guide (long-term) unemployed people to a job – a training that they can use to develop the social, emotional and digital skills of these job seekers. For this training, the partners design four different methodologies (using dance, theatre, storytelling and applied psychology) including methods to develop basic digital skills. The partners will test and validate the methodologies developed involving unemployed people to ensure that these methodologies meet their needs.



Elan interculturel


La Xixa teatre & Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


Képes Foundation

The Netherlands



Each partner in the SELFEE project contributes its expertise in order to achieve the best possible result, namely a training course that actually helps people who are seeking a job. All partners are equally responsible for the project’s result and work closely together.